Late Summer Beauties

Welcome to my art! I hope you enjoy my journey in Art...

The process of creating art is a form of meditation for me. Life’s many twists and turns are my inspiration. Landscapes and colour, naturalism to abstraction are the tools for expressing my reality at this point in time in my art-journey.
After 30 years in Medicine/Health profession, I am now pursuing my passion in Art.
My desire and need to create art and express myself through colours started 14 years ago with initial experimentation with colour pencil drawings, then pastels, pen and ink and now acrylics.
I attended various courses at Emily Carr School of Arts in Vancouver BC and took various workshops with different artists who have all inspired me.
My recent move from British Columbia to Niagara Region of Ontario is a crossroad and now, as a student at Brock in Visual Arts, I am excited to discover the direction my art journey will take.

Art is food for the soul: as an artist, I want my works to create thought, reflection and feeling.

Latest Work